Revolution Reloaded

The recent uprisings of the Arab World remain unfinished business. Protesters continue to mobilize, political actors continue to compete for power, and violence continues unabated. Scores of dead and waves of refugees have turned Syria into a humanitarian crisis of untold proportions, while the 2013 Egyptian “coup-revolution” has impaired any sign for civilian rule. In many countries that have witnessed the “Arab Spring,” the uprisings have yet to bear their fruits. Instead, battles have been re-launched and appear fiercer than ever. 

With every new struggle in the Arab World, new forms of creative resistance flourish. Among the many art forms, visual imagery is consistently harnessed to educate, ridicule, and make demands. Most importantly, it motivates and gives hope in the face of pain and loss. In the midst of it all, hope surely gives humans the drive and energy to carry on. Hope fuels an urge towards creative expression, which promises to thrive as the upheavals continue to unfold over the months and years to come.